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Our Team

Ricky Gunawan

Ricky got his law degree from University of Indonesia before went to University of Essex obtaining Magister of Arts in Human Rights in Theory and Practice. Had worked for YLBHI, AHRC, and Reprieve, Ricky put human rights not only as a career path, but a passion in life as well. Now, he is the last person of the founders who still actively involve with the office.


Muhammad Afif
Casework Coordinator

After finishing his law study at Bandung Islamic University, Afif went to Jakarta going after his dream to be a public defender. He became a volunteer for while before worked as a full-time caseworker for Community Legal Aid Institute. After obtaining his advocate license, he still continues his struggle to defend those who are weak before the law.

Riki Efendi

He went to University of Indonesia. Before started to work as a caseworker in Communitiy Legal Aid Institute, he worked in other harm reduction NGOs. He was trained as a paralegal by Community Legal Aid Institute. His experience with drugs made him have a contextual understanding which give an important perspective in the institution’s casework.

Naila Rizqi Zakiah

When she was a law student at Jember State University, Naila gave her time to be a volunteer at Community Legal Aid Institute – Jember Office. Then she went to Jakarta and finally became a full-time a caseworker at Community Legal Aid Institute. Though her loud voice often disturbs the neighbor, she is a public defender who is very sensitive towards a lot of human rights issues. Though she’s easy to cry, she is a remarkable hardworking staff.

Dominggus Christian

Chris, so he is called, graduated from Pancasila University and right now works as a caseworker after several months volunteering. Chris works consistently and tirelessly fills himself with good books, new knowledge, and most updated issues, which make him a very reliable staff.

Yosua Octavian

The presence of Jojo, his nickname, at Community Legal Aid Institute undoubtedly makes the office situation far more fun. His unique North Sumateran voice and guitar playing, his confidence in front of the law enforcers, also supported by his wonderful graphic design ability, make him a a really versatile staff.

Ahmad Zaki
Legal Empowerment Staff

After obtaining his diploma, now Zaki is going after a bachelor degree in management. Zaki knew Community Legal Aid Institute since he actively involved with Tugu Proklamasi community, a non-formal school. His interest in empowerment and education brought him to be the legal empowerment staff.


Ajeng Larasati
Program, Research, and Communication Coordinator

Though she finished her law study in University of Indonesia by writing thesis on civil liability of environmental pollution, Ajeng involved in many activities on legal empowerment and policy advocacy for protecting the rights of marginalized communities. She started working as a volunteer in this institution since she was a student. Now, after finishing LL.M program on Economy, Social, and Cultural Rights in University of Esssex, UK, she’s back  in Jakarta working for better human rights situation.

Arinta Dea Dini Singgi
Program Staff

A law bachelorette from University of Indonesia began her career as volunteer until now finally she already certains with this path of career. She’s responsible mapping out and running the institution’s work programs. She also designs trainings for marginalized communities. Her experince in leading a student organization becomes the reason why she is a good organizer.

Fuji Aotari
Program Staff

Had been an intern for a company and a law firm, Fuji now chooses Community Legal Aid Institute as a place to start her career. After spent some time to volunteer and graduated from University of Indonesia Law School, she now works full time as a program staff. She is very professional and work tirelessly. She also involved in many research conducted by the Community Legal Aid Institute.

Albert Wirya
Research Staff

He met with Community Legal Aid Institute for the first time when he was participating in Summer Internship 2013. After that, he volunteered in other NGOs while finishing his study. His background in Criminology, which he studied at University of Indonesia Social and Political Science School, and his experience with student’s press organization made him the main researcher at this institution.

Yohan Misero
Communication Advocacy Staff

Studying law in University of Indonesia, Yohan started his career at Community Legal Aid Institute as a volunteer since he was a student. After -finally- graduated, Yohan still works at the institution and continues his responsibility for some forms of the office’ external communication such as social media accounts and this wordpress-based website.


Antonius Badar
Internal Coordinator

Badar started his adventure at Community Legal Aid Institute by becoming a volunteer who gave legal aid to poor and marginal communities. He finished his law study at Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. In his thesis, he put his knowledge and experience in drug law and human rights. His long journey at this institution brought him to be the Casework and Legal Empowerment Coordinator.


Herlina is the main gate of our legal aid. Besides doing administrative works, she’s also responsible for the database of the office’ library.

Dede Khaerudin

Community Legal Aid Institute needs Dede as Sherlock needs Watson. Dede loves accountancy since he was a high school students. Now he’s undertaking the accountancy evening classes at Rawamangun Economic Science School.

Ali Mudopar
Head of Household

Dopar is the reason why our staffs could work comfortably. Ensuring the office in a nice and neat condition; and on the other time facing the Jakarta streets to help the other staffs, now Dopar works as the Head of Household.