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Assessing Indonesian Guardianship Laws: Protecting the Rights of People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Although the discourse related to mental health has become mainstream, Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities (PPD) in Indonesia still experience discriminations. Negative stigmas portraying them as someone ‘dangerous’ or ‘irrational’ encourage the assumption that they do not have the capacity to do legal conducts. Guardianship system inherent in Indonesian Civil Law …

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Subordinated Below Ground

By Will Doran & Natasha Slater The legality of sex work in Indonesia can be described, at best, as murky. Whilst not specifically provided for under the criminal code (other than the attempted criminalisation of pimps under Article 296 and Article 506), penal provisions regarding crimes against morality and decency …

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The Feasibility of Systematic Research on the Deterrent Effects of the Death Penalty in Indonesia

Deterrence is one of the fundamental justifications for the death penalty across the world. This report assesses the feasibility of conducting systematic empirical research on deterrent effects of the death penalty on drug and other criminal offences in Indonesia. Research on detterence requires complex empirical analyses within contemporary theoritical frameworks …

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Vacancy: Reprieve International South East Asia Junior Fellow

Reprieve is a UK charity founded in 1999 by Clive Stafford Smith. Reprieve uses strategic interventions to end the use of the death penalty globally, and secret prisons and state-sanctioned assassinations in the context of the so-called “war on terror”. We work for the most disenfranchised people in society, as …

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A Day at Tangerang Youth Prison

We approached the gates of the prison at 11am on a Monday morning. Adi’s (not his real name) family greeted us with handshakes and solemn nods. We, representatives from LBH Masyarakat and Adi’s family, were informed by LBH Masyarakat’s lawyers that we would have to wait another two hours until …

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