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August, 2017

  • 7 August

    Death of Prisoners: Failure of Sentencing

    The birth of prison is thought to be in line with the change of sentence objective, from retaliation principle to rehabilitation principle. Criminal perpetrator is not only acknowledged as a person that causes suffering, but also as someone who has committed a mistake and could be guided again. However, prison …

  • 7 August

    Addiction on The Failing Drug Policy Strategy

    War comes with consequences and implications. The government of Indonesia believes that we are now in a state of war; namely war on drugs. This jargon, the war on drugs, is often used to increase society’s negative sentiment against drugs and its users. One of the most important tools in …

April, 2016

  • 28 April

    The Trip to Nobody Knows Where

    In 2011, the Indonesian Government issued the Government Regulation Number 25 Year 2011 regarding the Implementation of the Compulsory Report of Drug Dependents which regulates the practice of compulsory report and rehabilitation for drug users in Indonesia. By this regulation, Indonesia produced a new institution called the Compulsory Report Institution …

  • 1 April

    Reality Behind Bars

    Law enforcement measures inevitably involve a contradiction: on the one hand they aim to create order by imposing certain restrictions on freedoms and liberties, while on the other hand they must honor liberties and freedoms of every individual that they limit. Humans inherently are endowed with rights, and when these …