Lawyering on the Margin 2018

Dec 8, 2017 Siaran Pers


The 2018 “Lawyering on the Margins” will be the fifth unique global gathering of lawyers working with marginalized groups; specifically people who use drugs, sex workers and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBTQIA+). For the first time the convening will be organized by Release – the UK centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law – in partnership with LBH Masyarakat – the leading Indonesian NGO providing free legal services for the poor and victims of human rights abuses.



We will bring together a group of lawyers to meet, network and learn from their peers in other countries and settings. They will have the opportunity to discuss their successes, failures, strategies, and ambitions for ensuring that those that sit on the margins of society have access to justice. Lawyering on the Margins is a seminar for lawyers who are working towards social change and securing fundamental human rights for all in society, and who believe that the law is an important means towards this end. For more information please see here.



It is anticipated that the structure of the meeting will follow that of previous Lawyering on the Margins meetings, combining engagement with local organizations working with marginalized groups, presentations, information-sharing and strategizing. However, the exact content of the meeting will be the result of consultation and collaboration with the selected participants.



Successful candidates will be lawyers with a track-record of working with marginalized groups; specifically people who use drugs, sex workers and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBTQIA+).  Priority will be given to qualified and practicing lawyers, but we also welcome applications from paralegals working with these groups.

Participants from previous Lawyering on the Margins meetings can apply, but are not guaranteed to be selected simply because of past attendance.



To be considered for the programme, applicants should submit the completed application form (below) by 05 January 2018 to



The Lawyering on the Margins programme provides funding to a maximum of twenty five people to attend the convening in Indonesia. The placement decision will be made by the programme selection committee, comprised of representatives from Release and LBH Masyarkat.

Participation in the convening is contingent upon acquiring a letter of support from the finalist’s employer and proper immigration and travel authorizations.

The programme will be designed so that the connections and international networks will serve as a resource and support for the participant both during and following the meeting, and develop into a strong functioning network of lawyers.



Applications open on: 22 November 2017

Application closes on: 05 January 2018 (midnight GMT)

Selection: Successful applicants will receive a response by 19 January 2018

Course: 4 days taking place in September or October 2018



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