Reality Behind Bars

Apr 1, 2016 Uncategorized

Law enforcement measures inevitably involve a contradiction: on the one hand they aim to create order by imposing certain restrictions on freedoms and liberties, while on the other hand they must honor liberties and freedoms of every individual that they limit. Humans inherently are endowed with rights, and when these rights are derogated from them, their humanity is undermined. A question then arises, in the event of a crime that poses a threat to public order what are we supposed to do with the perpetrators of the crime? Doing nothing will disrupt public order and will lead to a chaos that in turn will deny the human rights of other individuals. Law enforcement essentially involves some restrictions to the human rights of the perpetrators, but at the same time, the perpetrators of the crime are also humans endowed with rights that must be protected. This is exactly the critical point of the tension between these two opposite situations.

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