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Assessing Indonesian Guardianship Laws: Protecting the Rights of People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Although the discourse related to mental health has become mainstream, Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities (PPD) in Indonesia still experience discriminations. Negative stigmas portraying them as someone ‘dangerous’ or ‘irrational’ encourage the assumption that they do not have the capacity to do legal conducts. Guardianship system inherent in Indonesian Civil Law is one of the violations of PPD’s rights to legal capacity.

LBHM, together with Monash University, conducted research on the legal framework of guardianship and its implementation in Indonesia. Using the data from court decisions and FGD results, this research demonstrates how Indonesian guardianship system infringes one’s economic rights, imposed without considering valid evidences, granted without limitations, and ignores the will and preferences of PPD. Download the full report here.

You can also check for the Indonesian version here.

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